Pemberton Speedway – Vancouver Flat Track Club

Pemberton Speedway is nestled in the mountains 21km North of Whistler, BC or 11km South of Pemberton, BC (map).

Camping is available at no extra charge, but there is no running water so pack your own.

Fees (per person):

Gate $10
Pit $10
Racing $20/class
Pro class $50 (100% pay back)

Race dates:

May 27, 2017 -Saturday
July 7, 2017
 – Friday (Friday Bike Race, Party, Saturday Car Race, Party!)
August 5, 2017
– Saturday (NW Championship Points Race)
August 6, 2017
– Sunday


Gate 1pm
Riders Registration 3:30pm – 5pm
Practice 5:30pm
Racing 7pm


Youth 1 – under 16yrs, 50-80cc
Youth 2 – under 16 years, 81cc+
Ladies – over 16 years, any displacement
Vintage 1 – up to 249cc/2stroke or 399cc/4stroke, model year 1984 or earlier
Vintage 2 – 250cc/2stroke or 400cc/4stroke and above, model year 1984 or earlier
Beginners – first timers, any displacement, any tires
Novice – over 16 years, any displacement
Open Intermediate – any displacement
Open Expert – any displacement ( Pros Only)
Hooligan – 750cc+, stock frame
Knobbies- knobby tires only
*4 bikes makes a class

For additional information:

Facebook: Vancouver Flat Track Club
Instagram: @vancouverflattrackclub

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